Sog title art iconSo you think there are no Mermaids. Fine. We live in a Golden Age of Disbelief.  But every good sailor and singer of sea songs — we knows one when we meets one!

Mini-concert series bannerJoin me live on Facebook, every Sunday thru August as I ramp up for the Teign Shanty Festival in the UK. Short mini-concerts, 2-3 songs. Good little interlude to begin recovering from summer weekends. Spread the word!

Sing art - Where the divil is SPring?Lot's of unusual St. Patrick's Day music and videos all together in one place in this post - for a mighty good reason! Put on something green and come join the party.

Track are imageWhen you get to the point when you know you're going to just scream if you hear "White Christmas" or "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" one more time when, be sure you have this musical bromo-seltzer on hand. Free thru the 2018 holiday season as a public service.

Shirt - Drink Beer and Shanty On!Ahoy there, shipmates! The Harwich International Sea Shanty Festival looms on the horizon. Come see the Men Overboard trio the first weekend in October!

Sometimes it's best just to pull out all the stops and "go for baroque"!

You may ask, is Robert excited about performing his New Old Sea Songs at the Baltic Shanty Festival 2018? Hey... does a bear you-know-what?? Click on in for the schedule of my shows.

song title areIn the absence of those fiery ancient Prophets, we folk musicians are left to fill the gap to deliver the age-old message to the bloated evil-doing rulers of our era as best we can.

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