When the value of the currency of the country where you live is sinking like a 2-ton anchor by the hour, there's little anyone can do. To me, a sea shanty featuring Davy Jones seemed as good a response as any.

Thumbnail imageHave you ever gone to places you read about in books and thought you'd like to visit one day? I have now!

A newly released single "Davy Jones" has propelled its creator, Robert Palomo, from completely total obscurity to mostly total obscurity in a matter of days.

And it's driving Big-time music execs bonkers! 

Word from the Harwich Sea Shanty Festival organizers has come in giving the times and locations of my shows with the Men Overboard trio.



Song art imageMan the pumps! Man the buckets! Bail, ye scurvy barnacles!
And have some free music.
And support the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts of the Red Cross.

I appear for the first time in a professionally videographed music video. Briefly. Almost unnoticeably. I'm the snarling bosun with the hangman's noose. If you sneeze you'll miss my big scene!

Za Bortom! (Men Overboard) promo picI and a couple of "mates" will be performing my "new old sea songs" at the Harwich International Sea Shanty Festival in Harwich, England this October. WOOT!!!

Thumbnail photoWhen it comes to Hawaiian shirts (a.k.a. island, tropical, aloha) there are 2 basic schools of fashion thought: tasteful design, and correct. As high summer comes in, you may find the information in this post highly useful... one way or the other.

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