Prof. Padraic FinagleI wanted to learn something about the Irish pirate who is the hero of my new pirate song, but little seemed to be known about him. Eventually, my research all pointed to one man: Dr. Padraig Finagle, of Skibbereen, Ireland.

Prof. Finagle has graciously allowed me to reprint his widely ignored paper, in which he reveals the history of Ireland's cruelest pirate: Séamlus "Shillelagh" O'Toole. Here's Part 1 of the 3-part series.


   Thanks for the heads-up, Grandpap. Glad you can miss this.

Song art imageSick of places flinging Jingle Bells and Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire at your head since Halloween?

Relief is at hand!

Music fans at live showIn today's "music should be free" world, the best way to support your favorite indie musicians is, of course, to buy their album, singles, or their merch. And come to their live show if they're in your area.

But if you're cash strapped (or maybe you've already bought - kudos to you!) there still are a number of things you can do that won't cost you a cent, but can really help your favorite artists a lot.

Old painting of a cabin boyA musical "boy who ran away to sea" adventure story, inspired by the original "talk like a pirate" guy, in which youthful dreams of a life of romance and adventure run up against the harsh reality of shipboard life - and a rather sleazy bosun.

After The Donald flapped his brain-disconnected jaws in Scotland about how great it was that they "took their country back" from the EU (which they voted not to do!), Scots on Twitter come out with a flood of some of the finest crafted insults I've ever heard. Here's a little self-help aid to help you "go and do likewise".

T-Rex boarding Noah's ArkHow a cerationist's belief that dinosaurs sailed aboard Noah's Ark inspired the writing of a "new old" sea shanty.

The bastards could never do it alone.

The craft of songwriting is strange. Sometimes a little challenge is all it takes to come up with a fun new song. But the other influences can be really weird! (Print & audio blog)

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